Transfer Student Experience

UB is a top transfer destination in New York. You’ll find it easy to find your pace on our energetic campuses and within our welcoming community.

We know that transferring institutions is a big change, and every bit of support counts. Here at UB, we’ve got you covered!

Connect with faculty early on. In your first semester, you’ll take a UB Seminar, the first step in the UB Curriculum. Taught by distinguished faculty, the UB Seminar will prepare you to meet the demands of UB’s world-class academic environment. Read more about the UB Seminar course offerings for transfer students.

Get involved. Head to the Student Guide and UB Linked to learn about ways to get involved at UB. With 400+ clubs for every interest and students from all over the country and the world, we’re confident you’ll find your network here.

Plan now for your future. Check out the Career Design Center for advice on the job search, interviewing skills, internships and much more. If you’re thinking about a master’s or PhD, UB has 300+ options for graduate and professional study.

Join the transfer student honor society. UB has the second oldest chapter of the Tau Sigma National Honor Society for transfer students. To be eligible, you must obtain a minimum GPA of 3.5 after completing your first full-time semester at UB. (A minimum of 12 credit hours must be completed.) An induction ceremony is held each spring semester, and members are active and involved in the UB community.

Pursue the Advanced Honors Program. The Advanced Honors Program is meant for academically high-achieving students, usually sophomores and juniors with a minimum UB GPA of 3.5. Students can apply to the program after completing at least 45 credit hours (which includes AP, IB and college credits). Transfer students are encouraged to apply as they are applying to UB. Deadlines are Oct. 1 and March 1. For more information, contact the University Honors College.