Special Requirements for Certain Majors

When completing your application, you should indicate your intended major. If applying via the Common Application or Coalition for College Application, you are encouraged to select a second-choice major.

Student playing a grand piano in the Center for the Arts atrium.
  • Accounting and Business Management

    Direct admission to accounting and business management is subject to limited enrollment. Due to the quantitative nature of these majors, it is recommended that students complete pre-calculus and be calculus-ready prior to enrollment.

  • Architecture

    All freshman applicants are invited to submit a digital student portfolio OR complete an architecture design project to demonstrate their creativity and interest in architecture. Please note that the digital student portfolio or architecture design project may be one of many factors considered in the review of an applicant’s eligibility for admission into the Bachelor of Science in architecture, but does not determine final admissibility into the undergraduate academic program or the university. The University at Buffalo architecture program is the only program in New York State that accepts either a digital student portfolio or an architecture design project.

  • Dance, Music Theatre and Theatre

    An audition is required for acceptance into acting, dance and music theatre. Portfolio review and an interview are required for BFA design/technology intended majors. To schedule an audition, please go to the Department of Theatre & Dance website or contact the department at 716-645-6897.

  • Engineering

    Engineering applications receive an additional review to ascertain the applicant’s readiness in key science and math areas.

  • Music

    An audition is required for acceptance into music. For information on supplemental requirements, please visit the Department of Music website or contact the department at 716-645-2758.

  • Pharmacy

    Accepted pharmacy freshmen are afforded admission directly to the UB School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree Early Assurance Program (EA) 2+4=6 option.

    To maintain their seat, students will be expected to earn minimum grades and GPA each semester, pass an interview and adhere to all EA Program requirements. See complete EA Program details. Admission to EA is based on UB’s freshman admission criteria. There are no additional high school GPA or SAT/ACT requirements.