Applying FAQ

Looking for information about test-optional admissions? Read our FAQ.

  • How do I apply?

    UB accepts the Coalition for College Application (first-year students (freshmen) and transfers), the Common Application (first-year students (freshmen) only) or SUNY Application (first-year students (freshmen) and transfers). Read our How to Apply section for instructions.

  • What is Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR)?

    Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) is an optional opportunity for incoming first-year students to self-report high school transcript information. Applicants can complete their SRAR through their UB Applicant Status Page.

    SRAR allows you to self-report high school coursework and transcript information to complete the application process for review. With SRAR, there is no separate request needed for your school to send transcripts. You are required to send one final official transcript to UB after your commitment to enroll following high school graduation.

    To complete the SRAR, you will need a computer or cellphone with internet connection and should use an updated version of Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. You will also need a copy of your unofficial transcript/grades report (e.g., online report card). You will need to enter courses and grades for which you received high school credit, as well as current or upcoming 12th grade courses. Since accuracy is crucial, you should never enter courses or grades from memory. Always refer to an unofficial transcript, report card (e.g., online grades report), score report, etc., when self-reporting your academic record.

  • Do I need to provide letters of recommendation?

    UB strongly recommends one letter of recommendation from a school counselor, teacher, community member or employer. While only one is recommended, you may choose to submit up to three.

  • What grades are needed in order to be accepted?

    Admission to UB is competitive, and our students are exceptionally talented. Learn more about UB’s admission criteria.

  • Does UB require test scores?

    UB does not require SAT and ACT test scores for admissions and scholarship consideration. Students can share their scores as part of their application if they choose by selecting this option on their application. If submitting scores, SAT or ACT standardized test scores must be submitted directly from the testing agency. UB’s SAT code is 2925. The ACT code is 2978. UB welcomes students from all backgrounds, and every application goes through the same holistic review process. Read our test-optional admissions FAQ.

  • How do I apply to the Honors College?

    The Honors College is a community that is diverse in its talents, interests and backgrounds. It welcomes applications from all students who are interested in becoming a part of, and contributing to, the Honors College community.

    First-year students applying with the State University of New York (SUNY) Application should email the Honors College to receive an Honors College application.

    Students who are transferring to the university can apply to be admitted to the Honors College through the Advanced Honors Program.

  • Why was I asked to send mid-year grades?

    We request mid-year grades from many applicants. It just means we want to learn more about you before we make a decision.

  • When will I hear about my admission decision?

    First-year (freshman) decisions are on a rolling basis. A majority of decisions are sent in March.

  • What is Early Action?

    The university’s Early Action option is designed for students who have identified UB as their intended college choice. UB’s Early Action application completion deadline is Nov. 15. Early Action plans are nonbinding; candidates will receive an early response to their application, but they do not have to commit to the university until the extended enrollment/tuition deposit deadline of May 15.

  • What is the waitlist?

    UB uses a waitlist due to space limitations. Each year we enroll approximately 3,800 new first-year students (freshmen). Students placed on the waitlist will be notified on a space-available basis beginning in May.

  • I didn’t complete high school, but I did get my GED. Can I apply to UB?

    Yes. Students must achieve a total score of 3000 or better, with at least a 550 on each exam.

  • I am a veteran. Is there any information that can help me with the admissions process?

    Veterans and spouses of veterans who apply to UB will have their application fee waived. Please visit UB’s Veteran Services website for more information about applying to UB as a veteran.

  • How does UB support students with disabilities?

    Please note the disability information on the application. To learn more about how UB supports specific disabilities, visit the website of the Office of Accessibility Resources.

Test Optional FAQ

Test optional means students have the choice to include or not include test scores in their application review. UB supports SUNY’s decision to make the submission of SAT and ACT test scores optional for admissions consideration.

Students will indicate their choice by answering “Yes” or “No” to the following question on the application: “Do you wish to have your standardized test scores considered as part of the admissions process?”

Read on for answers to frequently asked questions about test-optional admissions.