Scholarly Communities

How to find yourself in the company of academic rock stars.

Our most academically talented students can join our scholarly living-learning communities, where individualized advisement, social activities and opportunities for collaborative research are just a few of the benefits. If you are invited to join one of these programs, you’ll find yourself in a true community of scholars who are as engaged in their studies as you are.

University Honors College

Parsing big ideas with your professor over coffee. Dividing discoveries between library, lab bench and distant lands. Publishing your findings alongside mentors, peers and friends. If these seem like scenes from your dreams of college, look into the University Honors College — the largest and the oldest in the SUNY system. We offer challenging curricula, individualized attention and a small-college experience within a large research university.

Interested students must apply for admission to UB and complete a brief University Honors College online interest form by Dec. 15. Honors scholars may also benefit from a range of merit-based scholarships which, for our top academically talented students, could cover the entire cost of undergraduate education at UB, including tuition, room and board, fees and books. Application deadline for scholarship consideration is Dec. 15.

Daniel Acker Scholars Program

The Daniel Acker Scholars Program selects academically talented students who are traditionally underrepresented in higher education for an individualized academic experience. Consideration is given to students with financial need, first-generation college students and students from underrepresented backgrounds. As an Acker scholar, you’ll receive individualized advisement and counseling services and tutoring. You’ll participate in enrichment and community service activities. Acker scholars take a freshman experience course and research skill courses, and receive preferred first-year student housing.

Through the programs offered by the Cora P. Maloney College, students can engage in scholarly or clinical research activities, gaining valuable skills toward a career or preparation for graduate study. Merit-based scholarships are also available. For more information, contact the Cora P. Maloney College at 716-645-7301.

Last updated: September 21, 2017 4:49 pm EST