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Scholarships FAQ

How do I apply for a university merit scholarship?

Most merit scholarships do not require a separate scholarship application. We strongly suggest that freshmen apply and submit all of your supporting application materials no later than Dec. 15 for full consideration for a scholarship. A separate application is required by the University Honors College in order to be considered for a Presidential Scholarship, which you may request directly.

How does Undergraduate Admissions make scholarship decisions?

Your high school academic record and performance on standardized tests are the primary selection criteria. Annual availability of scholarship funds and the timing of your application for admission are other key determinants.


Is there a minimum SAT or ACT score or GPA needed to be considered for a scholarship?

Academic requirements are subject to change based upon the number of applicants, available funding and the timing of your application. Transfer students must have a 3.5 GPA and 45 college credits completed to be considered for a Transfer Student Merit Scholarship.

Will UB consider composite scores for the purposes of scholarship review?

Yes. We will take either the SAT or ACT test and will take your best score and/or best combined score. Scores must be sent directly from the testing agency in order to be considered.

Is financial need or cost of attendance considered in the scholarship decision?

The Empire State Diversity Honors/Daniel Acker Scholarship may take financial need into account along with academic merit and other criteria. High-achieving freshmen with residency outside of New York State may be offered merit scholarships that take their higher cost of attending UB into consideration.

The university is interested in attracting a diverse student body. Dependent upon available funding, the university may offer supplemental awards to high-achieving students who reside outside of New York State (to help defray the cost of non-resident tuition).

How will I learn if I am offered a scholarship?

Scholarship offers are typically mailed beginning in mid-March but may be sent earlier in some cases.

What happens if I have new SAT or ACT scores after I apply?

If you applied by the deadline but have new academic credentials for consideration, please send them directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at and request scholarship reconsideration in writing. There is no guarantee that merit funds will be available in these situations.

How do I let you know that I wish to accept a scholarship offer?

You are expected to indicate your desire to enroll at UB no later than May 1 by paying your tuition deposit. Payment of your deposit signifies acceptance of Undergraduate Admissions merit scholarships and acceptance of the terms of your offer. Scholarship offers are rescinded after May 1.

If you are invited to join one of UB’s scholarly communities, you may need to formally respond to their offer.

If I receive a scholarship and defer my enrollment to a later semester, am I still eligible for my scholarship?

Scholarship offers are specific to the semester for which they are offered. Your application will be reconsidered for any future semester based upon the criteria in effect for that semester. In general, scholarship awards are not made to students entering the university at mid-year (spring semester entry).

What is the maximum number of semesters for which I can receive my scholarship?

Your initial scholarship offer letter will indicate the number of years of full-time matriculated study for which you are eligible. UB offers two- and four-year awards.

What other criteria are there for continuing to receive a scholarship?

The Office of Financial Aid oversees student compliance with the annual scholarship eligibility requirements that reflect the terms you agree to if you accept a merit scholarship. Overall, you must remain a full-time student, complete at least 24 credit hours at UB per academic year, and maintain a cumulative GPA at UB specific to the value of the scholarship you receive.

Is there any way to maintain my scholarship if I don’t earn the necessary grades?

When the Office of Financial Aid reviews your status each semester to assure you are full-time, and in the spring to determine whether you completed the credit hour minimum and maintained the required UB GPA, you will be informed if your scholarship has been revoked. Students with extenuating circumstances may appeal the decision and be considered for scholarship reinstatement. It is important to seek support before you come to that critical stage.

Can I attend school part time and still receive my scholarship?

Scholarships are awarded for full-time study only. If extraordinary circumstances prevent you from fulfilling this requirement, you should talk with your UB academic and financial aid advisors.

Can I take a leave of absence and then resume my scholarship?

Yes, it is possible to take a leave of absence. Please consult with your academic advisor.

How do I learn about the possibility of a scholarship for playing sports?

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