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Scholarly Communities

Our most academically talented students can join our specialized scholarly living-learning communities, such as the University Honors College and the Daniel Acker Scholars Program. These programs provide a range of benefits, including individualized advisement, social activities, and opportunities for collaborative research.

The staff, students, and faculty of each of these programs will work with you from day one as you build your skills and refine your academic pursuits. If you are invited to join one of these programs, you’ll find yourself in a true community of scholars who are as engaged in their studies as you are.

The University Honors College

The University Honors College was created to provide exceptionally talented students with the personal attention of a small college within the vast resources of a large research university. Each year, approximately 325 academically talented freshmen are admitted to the University Honors College. Honors College scholars are given the opportunity to live and study in an environment that facilitates advanced independent learning. Some of the benefits that Honors Scholars enjoy include special seminar courses, early registration, library privileges, priority honors housing, faculty mentors, an undergraduate research and creative activities fund, a scholarship for Honors College scholars who study abroad, and involvement in the Evening with Faculty programs.

Interested students must apply for admission to UB and complete a brief Honors College online interest form by Jan. 5. Honors Scholars may also benefit from a range of merit-based scholarships which, for our top academically talented students, could cover the entire cost of undergraduate education at UB, including tuition, room and board, fees, and books. To be considered for a merit scholarship, students should apply to UB by Dec. 1 and submit all required supporting documents by Dec. 31.

Advanced Honors Program

The Advanced Honors Program is another opportunity to create an Honors experience during your undergraduate career. Current UB students can apply to the program after having completed at least 60 credit hours with a minimum overall GPA of 3.5. As an Advanced Honors scholar, you’ll receive priority registration, your own faculty mentor, and advisement from Honors College staff. In addition, in your senior year, you will work with your mentor on a senior thesis of your own design. Upon graduation, your transcript will include a special notation as an Advanced Honors Scholar. Contact 716-645-3020 for more information regarding the Advanced Honors Program.

Daniel Acker Scholars Program

The Daniel Acker Scholars Program selects academically talented students who are traditionally underrepresented in higher education for an individualized academic experience. Consideration is given to students with financial need, first-generation college students, and students from underrepresented backgrounds (African-American, Latina/Latino American, Native American). Services include individualized advisement and counseling services, freshman experience course, research skill courses, tutoring, enrichment and community service activities and preferred housing for first year students. Students have access to additional support programs through Cora P. Maloney College including the Collegiate Science & Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) and the SUNY Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation Program. Through these programs, students can engage in scholarly or clinical research activities, gaining valuable skills toward a career or preparation for graduate study. Merit-based scholarships are also available. For more information contact Cora P. Maloney College at 716-645-7301.

Learning Communities

All UB students are invited to participate in one or more of our close-knit learning communities, where students and faculty work closely and share their discoveries among small groups.

The Academies

The Academies are learning communities where students and faculty scholars work together on topics of mutual interest. The academies provide guidance and support for in-depth exploration of an interest. Students can participate in a range of activities, including seminars, guest speaker events and field work. UB currently offers five academies: civic engagement, global perspectives, entrepreneurship, research exploration and sustainability. Each is led by a faculty academic director who guides discussion and helps to integrate classroom work with informal out-of-class experiences. Members may choose to live with others who share their interest in an academy-based residence hall community.

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