Studio Art BA - Graphic Design Concentration

Our digitally networked society demands increasing levels of visual literacy. Communication in the 21st century is an ecology of information, knowledge production, and visual rhetoric that shapes the way people understand our world. Our Graphic Design concentration is a professional art practice that engages innovative thinking and problem solving for visualizing our culture. Students learn the art of creating effective and dynamic visual messages across a variety of media from the printed page to digital devices and the built environment.

Focused on the intersection of form and concept, the Graphic Design concentration at UB provides students with a solid foundation in design theory and history while cultivating their skills in technique. Studio courses prepare students for a variety of options in the professional design field and include the study of typography and visual systems, print and publication design, data visualization and web design. A socially-engaged art and design lab offers opportunities for students to collaborate with community organizations.

The BA degree focuses on Graphic Design within a broad program of general studies that allows the student to pursue a minor or double major in another program.

Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog - Studio Art BA - Graphic Design Concentration