Spanish BA

Spanish is the first language of 427 million speakers in over 30 countries, and is the official language not only of Spain, but also of Mexico, several Caribbean islands, most of the countries of Central and South America, and Equatorial Guinea. With 41 million native speakers and another 11.6 million who are bilingual, the United States is ahead of Colombia (48 million) and Spain (46 million) and second only to Mexico (121 million). Spanish is a major international language of banking, commerce, cultural production, diplomacy, and science. Fluency in Spanish opens up a wide range of service and employment opportunities at home and abroad.

RLL's Spanish program introduces students to a wide range of disciplines within the area of Hispanic language and civilization. Its goal is to build students' proficiency in the Spanish language. Students may take coursework in literature, linguistics, language teaching, or other related areas. The program offers a broad selection of classes, as well as opportunity for independent study or directed work in allied fields. Spanish students are strongly encouraged to study abroad for a summer, a semester, or a full year. There are quality affordable SUNY programs in Argentina, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Spain, among other destinations.

Students who wish to earn teacher certification should contact the Teacher Education Institute in the Graduate School of Education, 367 Baldy Hall.

Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog - Spanish BA