Philosophy BA/Law JD

The Philosophy Department offers a broad ranges of courses that provide a foundation of values, examines the nature of justice, knowledge and reality, and sets the mind working with accuracy and imagination. The student of philosophy learns the fundamental theories and concepts that have framed our intellectual heritage, and also learns the essential tools to investigate and develop the ideas that shape our lives today. Philosophy is especially well equipped to teach students how to think critically, how to construct arguments and examine reasons, and how to formulate and express ideas clearly both verbally and in writing- skills essential to the successful study and practice of law.

The Accelerated BA to Law JD Program is a unique opportunity for undergraduate philosophy students to accelerate their course of study by completing their Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and Juris Doctor in just six years of full-time study, saving students a full year of time and tuition.

Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog - Philosophy BA/Law JD