Law BA

The changing market for legal services has led to a proliferation of new law-related career possibilities. For example, compliance specialists work in corporations of all kinds to ensure that organizations comply with the laws of intellectual property and privacy, and human resources managers need to understand employment law and benefits rules. The Law BA is intended to respond to this changing market by preparing students for careers that do not require a licensed attorney, but where a sound understanding of the law is valuable.

At the same time, the practice of law continues to become more and more complex. Whole new careers have developed to support the work lawyers do; many of these careers do not require that one be a licensed lawyer, but do call for some understanding of law along with other specialized or technical skills. E-discovery and litigation support professionals apply technical expertise to manage the massive volume of electronically stored evidence required in all kinds of litigation. Trial and jury consultants combine such technical expertise with a practical knowledge of psychology and sociology to help lawyers communicate complex concepts to juries.

Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog - Law BA