Geology BA/Earth Sciences Adolescent Education EdM

The Earth Science Education program is an accelerated, combined degree program that leads to a Geology BA and an Earth Science Education EdM in five years.

The Department of Geological Sciences offers an up-to-date curriculum designed to train students to be employable earth and environmental scientists. Most courses comprise both lecture and laboratory environments, where students have hands-on access to geological specimens and state-of-the-art analytical tools to study them. The coursework in the first three years of the program will provide deep knowledge of geology making students content experts. In addition, select education courses that include experiential components give students opportunity to experience the nuances of the teaching profession. The graduate portion of the program will continue to build understanding of geology as well as providing the skills to become an effective teacher. The final year in the program includes a one-year residency that allows students to co-teach alongside an expert teacher, and to experience the inner workings of the classroom from fall setup to end-of-year grading prepares students to enter the teaching profession with expertise and confidence.

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