Fine Arts BFA - Print Media Concentration

The study of art opens the mind to a wealth of possibilities and allows students to discover their unique skills. The art program prepares students for the real world practice of art and design.

Print Media at UB examines and celebrates the unique properties of print in contemporary art practice. As a medium, printmaking shares common ground with drawing, painting, photography, design and increasingly sculpture. It is a meeting ground for a diverse range of issues and approaches, from the singular to the mass-produced, from the hand-made to the virtual, from the autographic to the social/political.

“Learning printmaking helps students trust their intuition and to understand the logic of materials in a very tangible yet indirect way. In a time when academically gifted students feel great pressure to appear verbally confident at every point of the creative process, they often avoid uncertain or vulnerable stages in their studio work and narrow their creative options prematurely. In printmaking, ideas often unfold over a series of distinct stages, making it an ideal medium to teach art students how to become more flexible and responsive thinkers and doers. The very indirectness of printmaking is of great benefit to the development of artists”
---- Phyllis McGibbon, Artist and Professor, Wellesley Collge

The BFA degree focuses on intensive work in print media, supported by a smaller, more defined program of general studies.

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