Fine Arts BFA - Emerging Practices Concentration

The study of art opens the mind to a wealth of possibilities and allows students to discover their unique skills. Artists and designers produce visual expressions of culture that investigate and redefine our world. The art program prepares students for the real world practice of art and design.

The Emerging Practice concentration’s curriculum is a multidisciplinary studio practice that builds on knowledge of emerging technologies such as interactive multi-media, electronic installation, networked telematic communication, robotic art, three-dimensional simulation, biotechnology, and algorithmic image synthesis. Emerging Practices engages the latest technologies, scientific processes and best practices available and also reclaims, alters and appropriates existing technologies through creative re-use for communicative cultural purposes.

The BFA degree focuses on intensive work in emerging practices, supported by a smaller, more defined program of general studies.

Last updated: November 8, 2018 10:25 am EST