Electrical Engineering BS

The field of electrical engineering is built on the shoulders of giants, Tesla, Edison, Marconi, Bell, to meet the energy and telecommunication needs of our society. Out of the advancements in technology, Electrical Engineering is all around us today. Almost everything we use in our daily lives has a chip in it and implements some communication protocol and/or some sophisticated signal processing algorithm. A few of the important innovations that electrical engineers have produced include: innovative energy solutions to light our homes, our power, and our devices; design, analyze and optimize wireless communication devices and networks that revolutionize the way we live; develop devices and instrumentation to save lives; use nanotechnology to produce better materials for solar cells and sensing devices; design the technology that enables customized entertainment; and advance new green technologies that will power our future. Electrical engineers can be found in almost all sectors of the workforce, including research and development, product design, manufacturing operations, service, technical sales, marketing, consulting, education, law, and policy-making. Our program provides the scope of knowledge and training needed for employment and also forms the basis for further study at the graduate level. It is designed to have students enter industry directly or proceed with graduate study.

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