Chemical Engineering BS/MBA

Chemical engineering concerns the design, scale-up, and operation of chemical bio-processes, and the understanding and design of technologically useful materials, such as nanomaterials and advanced polymers. Chemical engineers are responsible for the economical, safe, and environmentally benign production of useful quantities of vital products from grams of a new drug to tons of a commodity chemical. Chemical engineers use these same skills to understand and manipulate natural processes, such as in biological systems. The biological side includes nano, molecular, cellular, and tissue engineering, and biotechnology processes. The program at UB is broadly based to prepare graduates for positions in engineering development, design, economic evaluation, sales, construction, production and management. A number of undergraduates go on to graduate work and careers in research, and some pursue degrees in medicine, business or law.

Students intending to major in chemical engineering should have strong backgrounds in chemistry and mathematics.

Last updated: November 8, 2018 10:25 am EST