Biotechnology BS

At UB’s Biotechnology Program, students receive a high level of one-on-one training and faculty interaction that is exceptional. The Biotechnology Program is the only lab-based training program of its kind at UB, preparing students for a career in lab-based research or post-graduate studies. Our unique program of intensive, applied laboratory-based training courses allows our graduates to master an array of practical laboratory skills. UB’s Biotechnology Program incorporates concepts taught with functional application of theory, in an intensive laboratory setting, emphasizing real-life proficiency in the practice as well as the theory of biotechnology. The high level of hands-on laboratory training received in our program enables students to be prepared, upon graduation, to be immediately competitive in the biotechnology job market. Since our coursework focuses on skills and comprehension for a wide variety of laboratory techniques, graduates from our program are also exceptionally well-prepared for graduate studies or professional programs.

Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog - Biotechnology BS