Biological Sciences BA/Biology Adolescence Education EdM

The Biology education program is an accelerated, combined degree program that leads to a Biological Sciences BA and Biology Education EdM in five years.

The Department of Biological Sciences is a center for innovative, interdisciplinary life sciences research and teaching. Our faculty research interests span molecules to ecosystems. This cross-disciplinary approach to life sciences enables new discoveries that impact every major field of biology. The coursework in the first three years provides a deep understanding of the Biological Sciences. Select education courses give students opportunity to experience the nuances of the profession.

The graduate portion of the program will continue to build understanding of science and provide needed skills to become an effective teacher. The final year residency allows students to co-teach alongside an expert teacher to experience the inner workings of the classroom.

At the end of the five-year program, successful students will receive recommendation for New York State Initial and Professional Teacher Certification. 

Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog - Biological Sciences BA/Biology Adolescence Education EdM