Anthropology BA/Anthropology MA - Medical Anthropology Concentration

Anthropologists are trained in how to listen and communicate carefully -- qualities essential to success in the health professions. A joint BA/MA degree in Anthropology with a concentration in Medical Anthropology places students in excellent position for further professional training. Admissions committees at medical schools and other health profession programs look very favorably upon students with a background in Medical Anthropology.

Apart from enrollment in professional schools, this combined degree opens doors to work in a wide variety of community organizations and health programs. The Anthropology Department at UB has established connections with numerous local organizations where students pursue research and internship opportunities. A number of our M.A. graduates have found employment within medical offices and community organizations where they apply their training in cross-cultural competence so as to enhance patient care.

Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog - Anthropology BA/Anthropology MA - Medical Anthropology Concentration