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Find a Job

Other ways to finance your education include applying for grants and loans, as well as finding a job through a federal work-study program or on your own:

Federal Work-Study Program

Student earns money from a work-study campus job as part of their financial aid award.

On-Campus Jobs

A variety of opportunities for students to work with UB faculty and staff are available through the Career Services website. These positions may be funded by the state payroll or by individual faculty members’ grants.

Off-Campus Jobs, Summer Jobs and Internships

Career Services provides listings of off-campus jobs and internship opportunities. Also, the Part-Time Employment Program (PEP) at Career Services is designed to help you identify part-time jobs while you are a student at the University at Buffalo, as well as assist you with all aspects of your summer job search.

Last updated: August 17, 2016 12:46 pm EST