Tishana working on a remodeling project with the SubBoard.

Tishana’s Bio

  • Major: Double major in Anthropology and Social Sciences Interdisciplinary (Mental Health Concentration)
  • Hometown: Bronx, NY (born in Trinidad and Tobago)

Tishana came to UB looking for a change. She got it.

“Through all the things I’ve been involved with at UB, I’ve learned the most about who I am, what I want, and where I want to go.”

“I was looking for a big school, in particular because I was coming from an all-girls Catholic high school,” she says. “After that, you want bigger. You want variety.”

Door after door opened for Tishana at UB. To cure her freshman homesickness, she dove into extracurricular activities right away. Academically, she first explored being a doctor, then moved on to anthropology. But it was her interests outside the classroom that ultimately showed her where her true calling lies: higher education administration.

“I’ve always been involved in a lot of different activities and organizations here on campus. When I took a reality check and said, What do I enjoy? What have I been doing that gives me excitement? I found that working with students, helping them, is where my heart is,” she explains.

Teambuilding during Alternative Spring Break.

Students working on teambuilding during Alternative Spring Break.

And when she says “a lot of activities,” she’s not kidding: Tishana has interned for the SBI Health Education Center, the Intercultural and Diversity Center, the Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program and the Uncrowned Queens Institute. She has volunteered for Alternative Spring Break, Roswell Park Cancer Institute and the Buffalo Veterans Administration Medical Center. She’s also worked as an orientation aide, a tour guide and a UB Star for the admissions office. And that’s not even half of it.

Tishana signing the senior class bull.

Tishana signs the 2010 senior class bull.

“I love being a tour guide,” she says. “I have to walk backward because it’s rude to have your back to the people, so I always run into things. They’re always like, ‘Watch out! Watch out!’ I say, ‘I’ve got this; I’ve been doing this for a while.’ Then I run into things and they start laughing at me. But it’s nice to hopefully encourage them and let them know I’m here for them.”

Tishana and other students at the NASPA conference.

Tishana with other students at a conference for NASPA–Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education.

Despite often facing the wrong way, Tishana knows she’s going in the right direction. “My passion is to see students grow and develop and have an understanding about different things, especially of themselves as individuals, the impact that they can make, the difference that they can make in the lives of other people once they go out into that world,” she says. Her next step in realizing that passion will be pursuing her master’s degree in college student personnel administration.

“What good is it just sitting back and not doing anything?” she says. “UB has definitely made me a very independent person, a person who is able to stand up on her own two feet and go take initiative.”

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