Akash with a group of friends at a UB football game.

Akash’s Bio

  • Major: Finance and Management Information Systems
  • Hometown: Jaipur, India

As a student in India, Akash Chakravarty knew he wanted to attend college in the United States. But, without having visited the country before, choosing a school seemed like a daunting task.

He knew this, though: He really wanted to go to a school with an awesome football team. And he was looking for a highly regarded management program. He found them both at the University at Buffalo.

“I’ll go wherever my life takes me. I don’t want to be limited by any boundary.”

While the UB Bulls have been riding a wave of success on the gridiron, highlighted by the 2008 Mid-American Conference championship, the School of Management continues to build upon an already impressive international reputation.

“Just because they have a good football team, that wasn’t a good enough reason to go to a school,” Akash said. “But I also knew that the School of Management was well respected and provided great opportunities.”

Akash with 3 friends holding a poster for the Hands Don't Hurt program.

Akash helped to organize a “Hands Don’t Hurt” awareness program against domestic violence.

Originally an economics major, Akash switched to accounting before finding the right major for him: finance and management information systems. So far his academic experience has lived up to his lofty expectations and helped earn him a spot in UB’s master’s program in management information systems. While still an undergrad, Akash had the opportunity to intern in the accounting department of the UB neurosurgery department and the IT department at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. And, through the Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities, he participated in an enlightening research project involving social aspects of databases and other business applications.

“The reason I applied for the research was because I wanted to know exactly what people do when they’re in the field,” Akash said. “I figured I should try it out if I’m going into the field.”

Akash was also interested UB’s international character. UB’s diverse student body ranks among the nation’s leaders in overall international enrollment.

Akash sitting in front of the eternal flame in Chestnut Ridge Park.

Visiting Chestnut Ridge Park in Orchard Park, NY.

“One of the main factors that helped me zero in on UB was diversity,” Akash said. “There are so many people here from so many different countries—it’s such a great experience interacting with them and learning new things about their cultures.”

Two months before starting at UB, Akash moved to Chicago to acclimate to life in the U.S., then got a crash course on life at UB from his resident assistant (RA).

“My RA was wonderful. He showed me around campus, showed me places to eat, the dining hall…He just helped me a lot,” Akash said.

His transition went so well that as a sophomore Akash became an RA in MacDonald Hall on the South Campus. “You need to be willing to learn from different people if you want to make real connections in a new culture. Apart from all the fun I have with the boys on my hall, there is so much to learn about everyone. It’s a constant learning experience.”

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