Two students walking on South Campus in the spring.

Change the world?

That sounds like a tall order. But here at the University at Buffalo, we recognize the difference between a degree and a relevant, life-changing and potentially world-altering experience. Whether it’s searching for a cure for breast cancer, teaching English to adult refugees or helping teens with ADHD learn to drive, our thinking, our research, and, most importantly, our people impact and positively change the world around us every day.

To see examples of students and faculty working side by side to address local and global challenges and touch the lives of others around the world, check out the stories below.

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Jill Ricotta
A passion for Arab studies and the flexibility of a UB education made Jill Ricotta a witness to history. »
Markel Vega
Already a seasoned business owner, Markel Vega is anything but average. That’s why he came to UB. »
Jeffrey Sam
One fewer year + more clinical experience added up for physical therapy student Jeffrey Sam. »
Melissa Eiffert
After discovering a passion for architecture, Melissa Eiffert set sail on a new course. »
Cecelia DeStefano
To move forward, all Cecelia DeStefano had to do was move back to Buffalo. »
Christine Tjahjadi-Lopez
Whether fighting human trafficking or researching the ethical diamond trade, Christine Tjahjadi-Lopez finds a way to make a difference in the world every day. »
Andrew Dianetti
Andrew Dianetti is changing the world by making the stars a safer place. »
Jennifer Trapani
Jennifer Trapani found her own portal to the seas right here in Buffalo. »
Lesthia Isaacs
Partnership with Buffalo city schools helps Lesthia Isaacs fulfill her dreams in child psychology. »
Anne Monks
Anne Monks is using her language training to give voice to those in need. »
Chris Van Patten
Chris Van Patten is playing a starring role in the design process of UB stage productions. »
Gary Iacobucci
Gary Iacobucci’s work with fruit flies may lead to advances in the war against Alzheimer’s. »
Stefan Truex
UB took Stefan Truex across the world to study climate change. »
Samantha Gross-Galindo
UB and SUNY study abroad programs have helped Samantha Gross-Galindo explore the world. »
Nicole Napolski
Nicole Napolski is driven to explore the world and help make it a greener place. »
Hilary Freeland
Sourobh Ghosh’s path led him to the interdisciplinary field of engineering design. »
Hamzat Feshitan
A native of Nigeria, Hamzat Feshitan thrives at UB as he works to fulfill his dream of becoming a pharmacist. »
Jasmine May
Jasmine May wants to eradicate cancer. UB is giving her the tools. »
Claire Lochner
A short trip down the road to UB opened up a whole new world for Claire Lochner. »
Ryan Lazarus
At UB, Ryan Lazarus found structure in his academic planning and the freedom to create his own opportunities. »
Caitlin McLeod
Caitlin McLeod has thrived at UB since merging her passions for theatre and art. »

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