Students walking on campus near a UB Stampede bus.

Getting around campus

Getting around campus couldn’t be easier. Convenient shuttle buses transport students back and forth between UB’s two campuses. There’s even a shuttle that runs along the North Campus’s academic spine (where the lecture halls and classes are located) that can take you from one end of the campus to the other.

UB has racks to support hundreds of bicycles on campus. And there are seven Buffalo Blue Bicycle community bicycle-lending hubs on campus.

You can bring a car to campus, but it’s not advised that you drive to class. It’s faster and easier to walk or take the campus shuttles. Also, if you plan to bring a car to campus, you’ll have to get a campus parking permit.

Find your way around UB easily by downloading the PDF campus maps in the Related Links section above. The maps will help you find parking and handicap access points, and identify buildings.

Last updated: August 17, 2016 12:41 pm EST