Professor and student looking at plant and catepillar.

Undergraduate Research

Taking advantage of all that a research university has to offer

What does it mean to be a student at one of the nation’s leading public research universities? For UB students, it means more access and more support for in-depth academic exploration.

So whether it’s help with finding funding for research or a creative project, opportunities to work collaboratively with a renowned faculty member in state of the art facilities, or preparation for post-baccalaureate study, you’ll be actively engaged with your studies.

Undergraduate Research at UB

Once you have settled on your major course of study, you might consider pursuing a research or creative project with the help of a faculty advisor. Utilizing all the resources that a major research university has to offer, you’ll have the opportunity to synthesize the cumulative knowledge you’ve gained during your academic career at UB. And once a year we come together to celebrate student research accomplishments at our Celebration of Academic Excellence.

The Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities

UB’s Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities serves as a starting point for UB students who wish to collaborate in research and creative projects with the university’s renowned faculty. By offering workshops and seminars, the center assists you in planning and preparing to perform effective research. Opportunities for research and creative projects are gathered from faculty throughout the university and posted on the center’s website for you to explore and pursue.

Innovative Programs and Guidance for Talented Students from Underrepresented Groups

There are a number of programs at UB that assist motivated and deserving students who are interested in attending graduate or professional school, including The Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program, The Ronald E. McNair Post-baccalaureate Achievement Program and The SUNY Alliance for Minority Participation.

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