Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Pharmaceutical Sciences major program is a four-year program leading to a bachelor of science degree in pharmaceutical sciences. While the major is structurally a basic science program (like biochemistry, biology, etc.), it is also a unique interdisciplinary field of study that seeks to achieve better understanding and control of the factors influencing clinical response to drug therapy.

Areas of interest in pharmaceutical sciences range from the physical chemistry of pharmaceutical systems, which is concerned with the development and optimization of the physical-chemical properties of traditional and novel drug dosage forms and systems; to biopharmaceutics, which encompasses the study of the relationship between the nature and intensity of biologic effects of drugs and various dosage formulation factors, to pharmacokinetics, which is the science of the quantitative analysis of drug concentration and drug effects in the body, to clinical pharmacokinetics, which is concerned with the application of pharmacokinetics to the safe and effective therapeutic management of individual patients.

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