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Global Scholars Program *

Program Overview

Building upon a strong mission and commitment to internationalization, the UB Global Scholars Program offers students opportunities to be recognized for their achievements in learning about the history, culture, and character of other countries and participation in international activities. The Global Scholars Program provides recognition that a student has achieved distinction in global understanding. This knowledge and recognition well prepares graduates for the many pursuits awaiting them when they leave UB.

By undertaking a customized and coherent set of curricular and co-curricular experiences, students may demonstrate their strong global and cross-cultural understanding, and their engagement with international issues and challenges. Whether students pursue study abroad, the acquisition of foreign languages, or mastery of a unique group of internationally focused courses, the program recognizes the importance of engaging in global and cross-cultural explorations internationally, in Western New York or across all of UB's academic curricula. The program provides permanent formal recognition of students' achievements through a notation on their final official transcript.

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