Sailboat in Erie Basin Marina with the Buffalo skyline in the background.

Buffalo, New York:
Something for everyone.

Situated on scenic Lake Erie, Buffalo is New York State’s second largest city. The region’s nearly 1 million inhabitants enjoy a pleasant, temperate climate, the highest percentage of summer sunshine of any region in New York State and year-round outdoor recreation. Natives, newcomers and visitors all love this warm, diverse, lively city where they always feel at home.

The Buffalo-Niagara region (which includes nearby Niagara Falls) offers all of the attractions and conveniences of a major urban center along with the friendliness and livability of a small town. Pro sports teams, world-class museums, the country’s third-oldest zoo, summer and winter outdoor recreation, an emerging waterfront district and a vibrant theater and music scene are just a few of the reasons Buffalo is a great place to live, work and pursue higher education.

Location and Accessibility

Buffalo is less than two hours by air from some of the nation’s major metropolitan areas, including New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago and Washington, D.C. Toronto, the largest city in Canada, is an hour and a half away by car. Easily accessible by air, train, bus or car, the Buffalo-Niagara region is also known as the “20-minute city,” offering ease and accessibility for commuters and businesses that take advantage of the region’s rich economic infrastructure.

Last updated: March 25, 2014 9:04 am EST